Stop Doing It All On Your Own 

Living the dream life of a solopreneur is hard work 

As a solopreneur you have to:

You’re living out your creative calling of being a full-time photographer or working to get there. But lighting, lenses, and editing are only part of the job.

Develop systems + workflows to keep you organized

Identify your ideal clients and find them

Figure out your pricing and how to make a profit

Keep yourself motivated and get out of your own way

Have a solid business and marketing plan 

What You'll Learn

MODULE ONE:  Identifying your Ideal Client 

MODULE TWO: Establishing Your Brand Identity 

MODULE THREE: Pricing for Profit & Switching from Digitals to Selling Products 

MODULE FOUR: Systems & Workflows 

MODULE FIVE: Revamping your Brand 

MODULE SIX: Hosting Profitable Giveaways + Model Calls 

BONUSES: Remixing Your Mini Sessions, Canva Pricing Guides, Showit Landing Pages, and more!   

I want in!

The COurse Curriculum

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Get started on how to identify your ideal client, pricing your services, and getting clarity in your business. 



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Make time to meet members of your new community of support online and work together to achieve your goals! 




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"Since joining mastermind I have been able to really hone in on my ideal client. And I thought I knew what my ideal client was before mastermind with this delve into my ideal client and my purpose. Mastermind has helped my business to grow financially. I I have learned to be able to charge my pricing adequately in proportion to industry standards. As a result I am now doing two times my expectant goal that I have set for myself monthly and I’ve seen an increase revenue that I’m bringing in. Mastermind is a community and it’s great to be able to connect with other like-minded individuals. It’s more than a mastermind it’s family."

- Tashina Calhoun 

"I’ve learned so much about the ins and outs of running a business. Especially as a creatives who is looking to create full time. I feel like we get so caught up on contributing our services, we sometimes overlook how much goes into running a business. I’ve been able to manage a CRM, use SEO more effectively, restructure my pricing so that I can be profitable and the list goes on. Since joining Momentum Mastermind I’ve gained close to 300 followers on Instagram. My analytics for my website has increased by a wide margin and that’s without focusing on that part due to me still rebranding. Momentum Mastermind has given me a tribe to reflect with and that sense of community is far greater than anything I’ve experienced in my 4 years of being a creative."

- Sammy Price

"I have learned an abundance of information regarding positioning myself and my business to be successful. During 2020, I was able to more than double my income from 2019. I was more motivated to make moves and do it scared. If felt good to accomplish goals and be held accountable by Dr. Colvin as we as the other members of the group. The accountability and the care for you to succeed is what truly makes Momentum Mastermind a one of a kind community. We aren’t just photographers, we are family and I wouldn’t trade them or Dr. Colvin for anything!!!! I am truly grateful!"

- Jay Lagroon

"What I love about Momentum Mastermind is that unlike any other community or course I have joined is that it’s more than just the couple of hours one day a week of time put in to enhance my craft. We had opportunities to come together as often as we like and hammer out anything I needed to learn. Tomayia, was also hands on and available and she will tell it to you straight and ensure everything we needed was provided right here in mastermind. I truly back and recommend the commitment."

- Katrina Cross Daniels

"I have learned so much from Momentum Mastermind. It helped me get my business life together. I learned how to clean up and optimize my back office. I learned the importance of creating a workflow that allows me to constantly communicate with clients without having to always remember to send an email. In short, I learned how to properly run my photography business. Mastermind helped me double my income even during a pandemic. It helped me be more confident in business."

- Tchanavia Lastie

"I have learned sooo much such as charging my worth, having systems in place, identifying my ideal client and I can't forget outsourcing when needed. With implementing what I've learned in Mastermind, I have doubled my revenue from last year. The ability to have access to Tomayia and be able to get help when needed. She is truly a LEADER and wants to see her MM crew succeed. Community! Everyone in mastermind is family also known as cousins. We spend a great deal of time co-working and helping one another propel within their business."

- Shanicka Roberts

"What makes this course different from anything I have ever been a part of is the founder and leader, Dr. Tomayia Colvin. She leads the group with passion and vision. If she does not have the answer to something, she is transparent enough to let you know that she does not, but she is relentless in pursuing the answer to your question. She includes you in the process and allows you to stake claim to your own success. Her superpower is the humbleness and thoughtfulness she displays in every step of the process. She has the ability to make you feel like you are the most important person and what you strive for is worthy and achievable. You can join other groups and get the material you need to supposedly exceed, but many of them do not come "along side" you to ensure your success. She does that and it makes a huge difference."

- Q Carson

"I couldn't recommend Mastermind enough. The support, as I get comfortable stepping into my zone of genius is immeasurable. Dr. Tomayia Colvin is one of the most supportive educators in the industry and the knowledge she shares is unbelievable. 

I have signed up for courses that promise so much but aren't delivered in a way to help you grow. More to give you steps that worked for someone else, without any advice as to what to do if those same steps aren't right for you."

- Carla Thomas

" This has been the best workshop I have ever spent money on. I am so excited every week we meet because we are learning in stages and at a pace that you understand. If you need help it is provided. That alone has just been awesome for me. If you have been struggling with your business, then this is the best money can buy."


"DO IT SCARED. Get out of your own way and make yourself proud. When you invested in your camera,
 (soon to be old) logo, and web design, did you factor in the cost of doing business?
NO? It's time to make your money back and then some."

- LaJune King

"A circle of wonderful people rooting for me every day. I've been trying to do it myself for two years now, but with the help of the Mastermind we did it in just a few weeks. I now have a CRM and a workflow that works for my business. 
Lastly, a circle of wonderful people rooting for me every day. 

- Osakpolo Igiede

"My last portrait session I made a profit of $1500. Previously, in March of 2020 my last portrait session I made a profit of $145. You are gaining much more than the tools to become successful. You will be a part of an amazing community. 

- Rakiya Hernandez 

"I’ve learned how to do an IPS, what to offer, how to price my shoots and items sold. I’ve been exposed to sprout studio, funny, and various printing companies all of which I knew nothing about before Mastermind. I would literally shoot and give away digitals, not knowing how much I was leaving on the table and being of disservice not only to my clients but to myself as well." 

-Camelia Rivers 

"The Momentum Mastermind is a wonderful & caring family. We all hold each other accountable & we all help each other grow & succeed. The information that Dr. Colvin dispenses is invaluable & joining is one of my best, most recent decisions. I don't part with money easily but she makes it so worth it. I feel that I've gotten so much from her & my cohort already."

- Ayesha Lakes

If you need that accountability and support. If you have spent thousands on programs you haven’t implemented, then you need a mastermind. Tomayia knows her stuff and if she doesn’t something she has the resources to get you what you need. I have a beautiful brand and amazing words that speak of the experience that I provide. I can literally make a post and talk to my ideal client. My confidence and clarity has grown and I now know what I want from my business. " 

- Bethany Erby

"I'm doing things I haven't done before. I'm more confident when speaking to people about my photography business.It will be one of the best investments you will make in your business. You will also gain a greater sense of community with people who are in the same boat as you. I love knowing and seeing that I am not alone in this struggle. We help each other when and where we can; we are genuinely invested in seeing everyone win! Dr. Colvin and her team put great care and effort backed by education and experience to ENSURE our success as long
as we follow the plan.

- Leesha Archie

"I just finished an IPS session for a senior client. What I earned in that one session would have taken me 4 sessions at my previous price point. And the best thing about it is that the client was HAPPY to pay that amount. If you do the mastermind work the results you see will shift your business completely. You'll have a super supportive group of photographers to lean on and access to people
and resources that the regular community just doesn't get. "

- Stewart Jones

"Having a mentor has definitely changed the game. I know that anything I need an answer for she will either have or find out for me. And also having 30 other sets of eyes to look over things and brainstorm with helps me think through my decisions instead of just doing a bunch of trial and error. I have made $9,000 this month alone and I have only used my camera 3 times this whole year.
I am confident in my pricing and I am booking more of my ideal wedding clients."


"I was given the tools and the support needed to be able to identify and target my desired customer so that I can grow my business. 
If you are on the fence about whether to join MM, think about the future of your business. If you want to grow and be a part of a group that will push you and help you all at the same time; this is where you want to be. Having Tomayia along with a group of people with a wealth of knowledge and proven results is where you want to be."

- Brennan Bownan 

"Since joining the Momentum Mastermind, I have more clarity. I have started building a stronger foundation for my business that has direction and a clearer purpose. I have a strong knowledge of my "Why" and who my ideal clients are.
It has also helped me to work through my service and product pricing."

- Chantea Williams 

"I gained direction and steps to help me pull all the pieces together. It also has given me a sense of community in the photography world. A group of people that understand where I am and provide unconditional support. After joining mastermind and working through my ideal client and pricing, I was able to host my first IPS call and sell my first product album. I would normally let self-doubt scare me away from charging more because I hadn't done it before. I trusted the process Tomayia has put into place and walked away with my very first sell."

- Regina Fuller

I’ve had systems in place that are now automatic and they flow with ease and brings another level of professionalism to my site. By raising my prices I see the type of clients I love doing business with. And doing a brand journey had me narrow down my ideal client. I’m not all over the place. And I’ve never marketed myself as much as I am now. I have been following Tomayia for a few years and have seen her growth and knowing that she wants Black photographers and especially Black women photographers to Win is what being of service is about and I honor that.  


I have successfully changed my pricing structure to attract my ideal client. I’ve become more specific on “who” my ideal client is too. I’ve stopped shooting “everything” and narrowed down my niche to exert myself as an expert in my particular area.
This process will shake you, wake you up and build you up to be a better business owner.

- RaQuita Weathers

"The money you spend will be water under the bridge. The information given through MM is priceless and the tremendous support of both Tomaiya and her crew will make you feel relieved on a day-today basis. I just finished my website, contact form, and have started refreshing my workflow. I also refreshed me ideal client and the brand journal really helped me hone in on my messaging."

- Chrissy Bryant

Kind Words

Group Accountability. Unlimited Support.

That’s what you are missing and the Momentum Mastermind, which one former member describes as“ well worth its weight in gold” is here to deliver. 

Here’s just a taste of what you will experience when you join today:

In-Depth Support

Dr. Colvin and her team makes sure you have the support you need. She’s always on her ‘A’ game and promises to deliver gems that you can’t wait to implement in your business. 

 Strategy Sessions

Here you are more than just a number, everyone feels welcome, everyone has a voice and everyone is able to make personal connections and get the support they need. 

 Mastermind  community 

Yes, this is a Mastermind, but the curriculum and content delivered by Dr. Colvin, along with the knowledge shared by other members will knock you off your feet. Teamwork makes the dream work.


We want to see everyone win and we will do what it takes to help you get there, especially hold you accountable for each goal you set. Just wait until your first “hot seat” experience. It will be a game-changer for your business.

 Mastermind  community 

Yes, this is a Mastermind, but the curriculum and content delivered by Dr. Colvin, along with the knowledge shared by other members will knock you off your feet. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Business growth

Take notes, contribute, ask for help and share your own knowledge. If you do, not only will you be taking steps to become a true part of the community, you will be taking the steps to confidently grow as a person and a business owner. The right recipe for reaching your business goals. 



Your New Community Is Waiting


Can you afford to not make this decision now?

Can you afford to continue on the road to expending valuable time, energy, and money on figuring it on your own?

Can you afford to say to yourself again, “I wish I would have trusted my gut and joined”?

You’ve done all that and your business deserves better. 

Look, you are almost there. You know it and feel it. But everybody knows, especially in business, almost just doesn’t count.

Give yourself and your business what it deserves and what it needs. 

A community of like-minded professional photographers who are tired of just making it. 

Who are tired of being burnt out.

Who are tired of not knowing what to do next to get to the next level. 

Who are tired of doing it alone.

The African Proverb says, "If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together."

You made it this far, so just imagine how far your business can go when you join the Momentum Mastermind community.

Join the community today and propel your business to heights you know you deserve. 

Your new community is waiting.






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