Here’s a list of the top ten black senior photographers to watch, follow, and support in 2020!

Diversity and Inclusion

Top 10 Black Senior Portrait Photographers

Pregnancy is a miraculous journey that should be celebrated. No matter how many times a person gives birth, each one is special and unique in its experience. It is so important to document such a momentous change in your physical and emotional world. Not to mention the vast change your life will endure bringing a […]

Black Photographers

Black Maternity Photographers to Follow

Tomayia Colvin Education is proud to share during Black History Month a series of Black photographers that are amazing. This week, we are featuring Black wedding photographers in the United States.

Black Photographers

30 Black Wedding Photographers to follow during Black History Month.

January Elevate! Creative Summit Date: January 5th-6th  Location: Online A totally free virtual workshop for wedding creatives looking to uplevel their business.  Register HERE. Cost: Free Know YOUR Beautiful Symposium – We OWN it Date: January 18, 2020 Location: Private Residence – Frisco, TX This Know YOUR Beautiful event is a one day, women wellness […]


2020 Photography Conferences and Workshops

Magmod MagMod is offering 3 super exclusive and MagTastic FLASH SALES early next week! These sales will be on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – all launching at exactly 10am EST, and they will be limited quantity. Details of the sales will be announced 24-hours prior – learn more visit their website to get on the […]


The Ultimate List of Black Friday Deals for Photographers

More often than not, black women and girls are negatively targeted for their hair. So many of us grew up with the common understanding of needing to have “good hair”. If you haven’t seen one of the many articles featuring photographer Jermaine Horton, who drove hours away to photograph a young girl who was ousted […]

personal journal

I Am Not My Hair

Seven (7) Tips for Black Friday Budgeting Three holidays (other than my birthday) that I look forward to every year are Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas. Ok. Black Friday is technically not a holiday, but my birthday is definitely one. Thanksgiving for the family. Black Friday, because I get to go shopping for the family, […]


Black Friday Budgeting for Photographers

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