With close to 100 videos and tutorials that cover your biz from a 365° view, you’re getting literally EVERYTHING I could possibly dream up (and then some) to make it WAY easier for you to hone in on your skills, cover your butt in business, and have a personal network of amazing people who have your back!

Worried about the price?

I know it’s a tad trite, but can I just break $24 real quick?

That’s 5 froo-froo coffee drinks, 1 dinner out on the town, the price of 2 books, ⅛ of a pair of designer jeans, a manicure, 2 adult beverages, 2 large pizzas, or a nice house plant.

On the flip side, if you book just 1 extra client a month or raise your prices due to what you’re learning in the membership site, IT’S TOTALLY WORTH IT and more than makes up your cost.

Keep in mind too, that as your technique improves, you can and should increase your prices!

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Twenty-four dollars to buy the key to your future?

I’m thinking that this is a YES for you. If you can get all of your photography ducks in a row and start to find and attract clients you love… I think it’s a HELL YES.


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