More often than not, black women and girls are negatively targeted for their hair. So many of us grew up with the common understanding of needing to have “good hair”. If you haven’t seen one of the many articles featuring photographer Jermaine Horton, who drove hours away to photograph a young girl who was ousted […]

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I Am Not My Hair

I’m one of those people that wakes up with all the best intentions to get things done for the day: send emails, follow up, cook dinner (ok, that’s a lie), take a nap, do homework, and really knock out my to-do list. However, I’m also the person who will have 50 tabs open and accomplish […]

personal journal

Wellness Wednesday- Getting Through the Work Day with Adult ADD

Tomayia Colvin, the founder of Tomayia Colvin Education, shares her process as she navigates trying to find her voice and identity as a Black woman photographer.

Diversity and Inclusion, personal journal

The Quest to Find my Identity as a Black Woman Photographer

Tomayia Colvin shares five ways as an entrepreneur and mom that she failed this week. Take a read! Were you less than perfect this week, too?

personal journal

Five Times I Failed This Week as an Entrepreneur & Mom

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